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The Wagon Stage

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If you didn't think you could create a new entertainment area…think again!
Ernie Guderjahn
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  • Start with any open area...
  • … roll in the Wagon Stage...
  • … and in 25 minutes, it's show time!
  • Several of our shows work quite well on the Wagon Stage.
  • Packs up at the end of each day and rolls away.
  • The stage platform is 6 feet by 6 feet.
  • Backdrops and decorations all travel in the wagon.
  • You add the chairs and you have a theater in the rough.
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The Wagon Stage
This is our latest solution for presenting entertainment at your event. Based on the popularity of our Postage Stamp Stage, this unit gives you a bigger performance area ( 6'X6" - 36 square feet of stage). Transform any open area into an entertainment attraction in just 30 minutes! Constructed on a custom wood wagon, this attraction can be rolled into any area such as food courts, under shade trees, in the corner of a building, and rolled away when done to reopen the area.

The Wagon Stage is self contained, has a battery powered sound system if no electric is available, and includes a performer who serves as stage manager, talent coordinator, MC and entertainer. Use this stage to present your other grounds acts, magicians, musicians, jugglers, variety performers, etc. Best of all the stage is provided FREE with many of our acts. Let us help you to get more; for less!
Here is our newest promotional piece on our portable stages. This 2 minute video will give you a good idea of how our portable stages can work for you and your event.