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The Card Magic Show

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Nothing is as familiar to so many people, in so many places…as the humble playing card… yet the mystery remains!
Erkk Dalu
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  • Prefect show for small stages, large stages, or right on the midway.
  • Here it is on our FairTime Theater - just one of the three stages we have available.
  • There is nothing like a miracle, right under your nose.
  • The show presents a lot more than just tricks, it includes history, mythology, and mystery.
  • Many of my card tricks are original effects seen only in The Card Magic Show.
  • The simple delight that can be create by a card trick never fails to amaze me.
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Pick a card, any card...
When you think “magic”, you may think “cards”. The most popular form of magical entertainment is the humble card trick. This show is dedicated to playing cards, covering their history, types of card magic, and strange facts about cards themselves. Family audiences really enjoy this educational magic presentation by a member of Hollywood's Magic Castle.

Designed with a flexible format, the show can be performed inside buildings, on a small stage, or outside on the midway. The show is self contained, quick to set up and easy to produce. The Card Magic Show is also available as part of a show package with Magic Lessons and the Wild West Gambling Show. Just ask for details.