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Stage Acts

You provide the stage, they provide the show.
Nearly every event has a stage, rents a stage, or provides something that serves as a stage. That is the main thing you have to provide for stage acts. Stage acts present the widest range of entertainment types and costs, covering everything from community acts to famous headliners. Your staff involvement, technical requirements, costs and liability will vary depending on the type of stage act you present. Keep in mind that some Found Space and Self Contained acts can adapt their performances for use on your stages, which can expand your range of entertainment choices.

Examples of Stage Acts:
  • Magic of the Mind - You are smarter than you think you are…and this show proves it!
  • EyeVentures the Optical Illusion Show - Trickery! You can't always believe your eyes!
  • Community Talent Show - Demanding on staff but always draws a strong local crowd.
  • Hypnotist - Always fills the stage with flair.
  • Music - Rock & roll or country western, bands are a mainstay of entertainment.