Theater-16, Inc.

Live Entertainment With A Difference

Stages: for our acts, your acts & small community acts.

The most basic way to present entertainment is on a stage. Whether it is a simple platform or grand theater, a stage defines the area for the presentation, and the area for the audience. A stage elevates the production to increase visibility and focuses audience attention.
If our thirty years of experience have taught us anything it is that events don't always have enough stages to present their entertainment the way they would like. So, in order to solve this problem, Theater-16 has built three differently sized stages, one just right for your event.
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The Postage Stamp Stage
This is our smallest mobile stage, designed for solo performers. It has 16 sq. feet of performance space, sets up in 15 minutes and has a footprint 4 feet wide, 6 feet deep.
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The Wagon Stage
This is our largest mobile stage, designed for shows. It has 36 sq. feet of performance space, sets up in 20 minutes and has a footprint 6 feet wide, 8 feet deep.
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The FairTime Theater
This is our largest stage, not mobile, it is designed to be a destination point for professional & community entertainment. It has 64 sq. feet of performance area (8'x8'), sets up in 8 hours and has an adjustable footprint from 12 to 25 feet wide, 8 to 16 feet deep.