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The Postage Stamp Stage

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A manager said, "I hardly have room for a postage stamp on my grounds", so we built this mobile stage that can set up in the littlest spaces anywhere on the grounds.
Ernie Guderjahn
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  • The whole stage travels in, and folds out of, it own wagon.
  • This give you and idea of how it transforms.
  • Here is an ideal area in a food court, great place for a show it you only had a stage!
  • Just ten minutes after the Postage Stamp Stage wagon arrives… its's Show Time.
  • Here it is ready to turn the picnic area into a show place.
  • Right out in the field at an arts festival.
  • Ready to go at the Lemon Festival.
  • Works great for a solo musician like Stephen Lord here at the Ventura County Fair.
  • A quick switch over to Dr. Goodjohn's magic show at the Ventura County Fair.
  • The Postage Stamp Stage can be themed for different types of events.
  • The Postage Stamp Stage is strong enough to support two cute fat puppies…and then some!
  • At the end of the day, it all packs up and rolls away.
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The Postage Stamp Stage
This is a compact solution for presenting entertainment at your event. This unit offers a turnkey operation which transforms any open area into an entertainment facility in just 10 minutes! Constructed on a small wagon, it can be rolled into any area, (food courts, under shade trees, in the corner of a building) and used to present solo grounds acts, (magicians, musicians, jugglers, variety performers, etc.) The Postage Stamp Stage is self-contained, has a battery powered sound system, and includes a stage manager who serves as talent coordinator, MC and performer. Best of all the stage is provided FREE with many of our acts. It packs small but plays big !
These videos are hosted on YouTube. The concept video was prepared for conventions and trade shows, while the set up video was shot on location at the Dixon May Fair. Click on the play buttons below to view the videos, each runs 90 seconds. (Time well spent!)

Watch our concept explaination.

Watch the set up video.