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Magic of the Mind

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You are smarter than you think you are, and my show will prove it to you!
Erkk Dalu
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  • This show fills the stage with things that will fill your mind.
  • In a smaller space the show takes on an intimate feel.
  • Here we are in at the food court in the wine garden at the Big Fresno Fair.
  • Demonstrating "pattern recognition" on stage at the Ventura County Fair.
  • Performing on Theater-16's FairTime Theater at the Merced County Fair.
  • Doing a presentation on the subject of "mnemonics" to help the audience with spelling.
  • Playing the Theremin always get the audiences attention.
  • Entertaining outdoors in the flower garden at the Alameda County Fair.
  • On a small stage at the Kern County Fair.
  • In the Bijou Theater at the Orange County Fair.
  • In a parking lot across from a movie theater on Halloween.
Magic of the Mind
More than a magic show, this is a "wonder show". It explores the most mysterious and amazing facet of human life, the mind. Facts and mysteries are woven into an amazing presentation exploring the world of thought. Illustrated with examples of psychological phenomena and magical mind reading effects, the concept is designed for audiences from young adults to senior citizens. Magic of the Mind entertains, amuses and informs while proving to the audience that, "you are smarter than you think you are". Perfect for fairs, schools, corporate meetings and motivational seminars and the show has often been used as an opening act for hypnotism presentations. Think of the possibilities.

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