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Live Entertainment With A Difference

Found Space Acts

They perform in any suitable area they can find.
Although often confused with Strolling Entertainment, Found Space Acts have specific requirements which put them into a separate class. Their equipment and manner of presentation are designed to make few demands on your facility beyond a place to stand for themselves and their audience… a simple patch of grass away from the busy midway, a shady tree, a picnic area or open space. One especially nice feature of Found Space entertainment is that they are able to change show locations as the day goes by, thereby maximizing their impact on the audiences.

Examples of Found Space entertainment:
  • The Traveling Game Show™. Like a TV game show right in the midway.
  • Jugglers. Once they set down their equipment they are sure to draw a crowd.
  • Magicians. Effective entertainment if presented in the proper location.
  • Acoustic musicians. They can stop and favor an audience with their tunes.