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Magic Lessons

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I've taught magic to guests from 6 to 86. It boosts their self confidence and puts a smile on their face.
Erkki Dalu
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  • Just walk right up and learn the secrets of the universe!
  • The set up travels in a wagon and sets up in 5 minutes, and can feature other shows too.
  • Magic lessons work great at events with a country western theme.
  • Lean in friends and I'll show you how it's done… now remember, don't tell anybody.
  • I can set this act up any where you have an opening.
  • Let's begin our lessons, what would you like, cards, coins or ropes?
  • Look closely and see if you can tell how I do it, then I"ll tell you how I did so you can do it.
Know any good tricks?
You will after watching these fascinating magic lessons. The audience learns the secrets of simple magic tricks with cards, coins and string; and how to perform them. You too can fool your friends!

Here is a unique addition to the educational offerings of your event. Let the audience learn magic from a member of Hollywood's Magic Castle. The production is designed with a flexible format and can be performed inside a building, outside on the midway, or on a stage. The show is self contained, quick to set up, easy to present and makes a unique magic show. Magic Lessons is also available as part of a show package with The Card Magic Show and the Wild West Gambling Show. Just ask for details.

We can produce special magical giveaways, customized to promote your sponsors. Ask about our special programs.

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